Since childhood I've been suffering from nightmares. They are so
many and varied I do not know where to start. They are so horrible
and scary I do not know how to discribe them.
Sometimes I fall from
a cliff, sometimes the lift I'm using starts to fall until it really crashes.
After I wake up, I even feel pain at the tip of coccyx. I have a phobia
for water and I as a small boy gets caught in a flooding river with no
means to escape. But the most painful is about my son who has had
autism for a long time. He appears as a small boy of about eight or nine.

We are doing something together against some trouble. Eventually we
overcome the trouble and he hugs me and says "Daddy, I'm alright now,
I'm OK ". I hug him with tears  "Are you really alright? Thank God !
I love you, my son !" Then I wake up.
I find myself really crying.

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